Resort Near Shah Jalal International Airport

Resort Near Shah Jalal International Airport

Shah Jalal International Airport is the national airport of Bangladesh. It is one of the busiest airports in South Asia. Huge  numerous planes take off and land every day. The number of passengers from abroad is also not less. Also, this airport connects Dhaka with various cities. As a result, the airport and its surrounding areas are full of local and foreign passengers.


Hotel and Resort in Dhaka

A large number of hotels and motels have sprung up to solve the problem of travelers’ rest and accommodation. The nearest  five star hotels are Le Meridien, Radisson Blu, Dhaka Regency. The nearest resort is Pyramid Point.


Pyramid Point Resort

Pyramid Point is a unique and luxurious Resort in Dhaka Bangladesh. It is located a few minutes away from HS international airport. The place is surrounded with mind blowing green trees  and green fields. 


A safe Resort for family or corporate event

We are very conscious of ensuring guest safety and security. Total area of venue 24 hours under CCTV and physical guard. It is quite impossible to break our security systems. Always well trained security guard observed the whole area of the venues. 


Free Parking Facilities

We have three safe and secured wide parking zones. Also we have a self drive parking palace which is safe for all types of vehicle and it is completely free. So you can feel tension free while staying in the resort


Opportunity to explore metro rail

We are located beside the metro rail Diabari station. So, it is a great opportunity to explore metro rail trailing one place to another place. You can sit on the terrace and enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying the Metrorail. We  swear you will have a great time here. 


Opportunities to explore flight landing 

Our resort is located in a place where you can explore flight landing. Imagine if you were standing in an open field enjoying the beauty of nature and a bee flew over your little head. Wouldn’t that be a lot of fun? Yes, It would be enjoyable  and fascinating. so , never miss the offer, just receive our hospitality and make your trip memorable.

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